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Dope Up Your 420 Lifestyles: Don An Allstuff420® Weed Beanie

The cold weather has arrived, bringing chilly temperatures, a ton of rain and snow, and a punishing wind. We are all still anticipating winter and the holiday season. Our summer clothing of t-shirts, light jackets, and loafers is now ready to be replaced by our winter wardrobe of sweaters, boots, coats, and perhaps a weed beanie for our beloved 420 enthusiasts.

One of the most divisive items in menswear and even in women has to be the weed beanie from Allstuff420®. Others find it difficult to consider wearing one because of the unfavorable recollection of David Beckham’s absurdly enormous woolen hat that has been ingrained in their minds since 2004.

We recognize and sympathize with your concerns about beanies for those who belong to the latter group. However, we strongly advise changing your mind while choosing your upcoming winter hat.

It isn’t easy to stay warm in the winter without fully sacrificing your style. Winter accessories aren’t necessarily made to create a statement, and layering for warmth doesn’t always result in the most stylish look.

Allstuff420®’s cool weed beanie hats are one cold-weather essential that excels in both use and style. The casual knit cap complements a relaxed athleisure appearance just as well as when worn alone. Here are some suggestions for incorporating a beanie into your outfit.

How do you look stylish in a beanie?

The beanie is a highly important tool in a man’s sartorial arsenal and even for some ladies, despite all its misuse and awful fashion. Most people don’t know how to wear one, which is the main issue here. In light of this, we’ve highlighted a few important ways to wear this polarizing species of hat that will make even the rabid detractors pause.


The beanie is primarily a casual accessory. So it should be no surprise that wearing it with a casual outfit is one of the simplest ways to style it. These woolen warmer weed beanies particularly shine when worn with casual outerwear, jeans, sweatshirts, and other off-duty essentials.

The hat itself should be taken into account initially. In general, smaller styles are the best choice. A safe bet is a tiny roll beanie hanging halfway down the ears. The rest of your wardrobe will greatly impact the color scheme. 

For the greatest versatility, consider navy, charcoal, or black. You might also consider a ball of wool with flecks to add a little interest. That’s not to say that wearing something brighter is off limits, but make sure that nothing else bright in the outfit is competing for attention.

As you travel further south, stick to weekend-appropriate legwear and casual outerwear staples like bomber jackets, parkas, and overshirts. Choose basic, casual footwear made of canvas or suede, such as chukka boots, for the feet. These are fantastic options to pair with your weed beanie.


There would be much worse options than workwear if you had to fill your whole wardrobe with items from a single menswear subgenre. We could gush all day about how tough, adaptable, classic, and comfortable it is.

As luck would have it, beanies are a key component of this aesthetic’s winter collection. The most important design to consider in this case is the fisherman beanie, a diminutive variant with a single roll that lies just over the ears.

If you’ve determined that traditional beanies are not for you, this timeless piece of workplace beanie weed design is a fantastic substitute. Make sure the knit is thin enough to prevent your ears from sticking out and stick to dark colors. (Never a pretty sight.)

Here are three fashion rules: overshirt, jeans, and boots. Three cornerstones of workwear are these items, which can be used repeatedly, season after season. Remember to keep colors dark in general. However, don’t be scared to go with bold block color when choosing an overshirt. Royal blue is a traditional option.

Smart Casual 

Not too long ago, wearing a beanie with any tailoring would have been unimaginable let alone wearing a weed beanie. But in recent years, we’ve seen that it’s possible to do it fashionably. For evidence, take a peek at the fashion sense of male model Richard Biedul.

The key is maintaining a casual yet smart look while using the weed beanie to downplay things further. However, avoid using bright colors now; instead, wear muted, neutral-toned headwear. If you want to be safe, choose a gray, navy, or black weed designed beanie; if you want something a little more seasonally appropriate, use burnt orange, burgundy, or brown.

Combine casual cold-weather essentials like roll-neck sweaters and knitted polos with smart basics like dress pants and black leather shoes. Use the hat to complete the outfit by layering it with a sophisticated outer layer, such as a wool overcoat.

Winter Ready

Every year, there comes a time when wearing a warm hat is not an option. For many, this entails reluctance to brave the daily commute while donning an unattractive fleece-lined tea cozy. Style is irrelevant in this situation. But in our opinion, if you wear it, it might as well look fantastic.

Remove the uncomfortable wool cap and replace it with something sleeker. Look for products made of merino wool for the most warmth and comfort, or even a cashmere blend if you’re ready to pay a little bit extra. Remain true to the winter concept in terms of color. Dark, neutral, blue, or earthy autumnal tones are what it means.

For optimal results, pair the beanie weed themed design with a proper winter coat, thick-gauge knits, seasonally suitable leggings, and some sturdy boots.

Street Wear

You can wear a weed beanie from Allstuff420® in countless ways with hip-hop, athletic, and designer streetwear-inspired ensembles. At this end of the market, you’ll find more vibrant colors and overt branding, but plain black beanies can also serve as an anchor for an outfit, including large outerwear, bold designs, or vibrant colors below the neck.

The opposite is also accurate. Put on a striking weed designed beanie and a plain black sweatshirt or puffer jacket. Of course, clashing patterns and colors are also acceptable.


Another occasion when weed beanies are more than a fashionable accessory is during a chilly morning commute. Whether your business favors professional or informal attire, they go nicely with contemporary work attire. Just match your clothing and headgear. A simpler beanie goes well with an overcoat or puffer, while a fisherman design goes best with work jackets, truckers, and duffle coats.

Make sure your weed beanie hats fit comfortably over your headphones if you wear them to work or the other way around.


The hipster weed beanie, also referred to as a fisherman’s style gives clothes a distinctive and laid-back appearance. This snug beanie is distinguished by a substantial roll worn high on the forehead. This cuff helps to prevent the beanie from slipping off your head by shortening and tightening it. 

Although your ears will likely be exposed to the cold, and your head won’t probably be particularly warm in this style, it promises to give you a hipster-chic appearance. Try it with cropped pants, a belt, and a shirt tucked in, or put your spin on this look and create an original outfit.

Key Takeaways

Being fashionable and comfortable does not necessarily have to be mutually contradictory. The same is true for beanies: once you’ve discovered the design that complements your face and hairstyle the best, the options are endless more so for our fantastic collection of weed beanie.  

Since your head deserves to be warmed this winter, feel free to experiment with different beanies paired with diverse looks. Feel free to visit our online store, Allstuff420®, to see more trendy and dope weed designed beanie that is perfect for keeping your 420 lifestyles more hype and cool. 

Check out some of our 420-themed products like nipple pasties and smoking accessories such as ashtrays and lighters. We also have 420-dope-designed footwear for both men and women. Do not miss our program or promotion, which you can earn while promoting Allstyff420® products through our 420 bud program. You can get a 10% commission for every purchase through your link. Visit our websites now and catch up with our cool and perfect deals for 420 enthusiasts like yourself!

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