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How To Wear A Beanie According To Your Physical Features

There aren’t many options to keep your head warm when it’s freezing out, but a beanie could spare you a lot of trouble. This how to wear a beanie guide can help you choose the best beanie hat according to your face or physical features.

Everyone should have a beanie or two in their closet come winter. The difficulty in wearing beanies is the issue. Selecting the ideal beanie for you only takes a few specific considerations. 

Allstuff420™ has got all the cool beanies according to your style and physique. You can’t just wear this only during cold, chilly winter days, but you can use them all year round. 

How To Pick A Beanie Depending On Your Face’s Shape?

The common ordeal for those who buy beanies for the first time is to find the answer to a mind-boggling question like “How to wear a beanie?”.

Let’s begin by examining the structure of your face. Choose a basic beanie if your face is square or round. Wear it so it doesn’t completely enclose your ears and forehead, which will lengthen your face. 

If you have prominent features, try to wear the beanie similarly; otherwise, you’ll draw attention to the places you least want it. Any style of beanie, especially cuffed ones, could be worn if your facial shape is more oval.

How To Wear A Beanie According To Your Hairstyle? 

How to wear a beanie if you have long hair, short hair, or no hair at all? Let’s look at your hairdo now that you have determined the form of your face. The best beanie to wear depends on your hair’s length and texture. 

You want a beanie that will keep you warm, go well with your attire, and enhance your appearance. You wouldn’t want the beanie to dominate everything and make your face appear smaller than it is while your head appears bigger. There is a beanie for you, regardless of your hairstyle preference.

  • Long hair
  • Curly hair
  • Short hair
  • Bald/shaved head
  • Facial hair

Wearing A Beanie For Long Hair

Men’s long hair is quite popular right now, and much like women’s hair, it suffers greater damage in the chilly winter months. In addition to protecting your gorgeous looks, you can use the best beanies from Allstuff420™ to cover up poor hair days.

Choose an uncuffed beanie that you can pull down halfway on your forehead if you have long hair for the greatest beanie style. Allow some of your hair to show on the sides so that it can frame your face rather than keeping it all inside the beanie.

Wearing A Beanie For Curly Hair

How to wear a beanie if you have naturally curly hair, you should wear a beanie this winter! You can style them similarly to long hair by letting some of them hang out over the forehead or out to the sides to frame your face. Choose a loose-fitting cuffed beanie to prevent looking bulky.

Wearing A Beanie For Short Hair

Choose a tight-fitting, thin beanie, possibly even one with a pom-pom, if you prefer to keep your hair short, don’t like long hair, and it isn’t curly. Avoid thick-knitted beanies or loose-fitting ones because they may make you look unattractive if you lack facial hair to frame your face.

There are many ways to find a way on how to wear a beanie by watching trending videos online. These days everything is actually just one click away. Be creative and resourceful if you want to express what you really want to do.

Wearing A Beanie For Shaved Hair

The fisherman beanie is the style of beanie that is worn most frequently by bald guys with shaved heads or very short hair. The fisherman beanie is the ideal headwear for cold weather because it is designed to keep your head warm.

Wearing A Beanie With Facial Hair

Since your face is already neatly framed by your facial hair, you can get away with wearing almost any beanie hat. This is especially true if you are sporting a beard and mustache. You can get away with wearing whatever you choose, from beanies with or without cuffs to ones that are loose or tight, as long as they complement the contours of your face and the rest of your ensemble.

How Do You Not Look Weird With A Beanie? 

There aren’t many ways to keep your head warm when the cold weather arrives, but a beanie could prevent you from experiencing many headaches. In preparation for the coming of winter, everyone’s closets should contain at least one or two beanies. The problem is that cool beanies can be difficult to wear in certain situations. Keeping a few key considerations in mind is all that is required to get the perfect beanie for you to wear.

Keep reading for more information on how to wear a beanie without making yourself look ridiculous.

The Classic Cuffed Beanie

This is probably what comes to mind when you hear the term “woolly hat,” and for a good reason. Hip-hop royalty, ordinary folks, and everyone supported this design, which is among the most well-liked and adaptable. This is the ancestor of all men’s beanies.

The Fisherman Beanie

Don’t be scared off because it has become the preferred headwear for hipsters throughout the winter months. The fisherman beanie particularly shines when worn as part of an outfit influenced by workwear. This tiny wool hat has a turn-up, fits well to the top of the head, and extends to just above the ear.

The Bobble Hat

Pom-poms aren’t exactly the manliest of ornamental accents, so it might surprise you to hear that they have military origins. Pom-poms were worn on hats to distinguish between companies of Napoleon’s army and the Scottish Highland regiments. It is still viable to do so without appearing like a carol singer nowadays.


If you are ever wondering how to wear a beanie from Allstuff420™ without looking weird, this blog will surely be of great help. Use this helpful guide, and always remember what beanies are best for your face or physical features. 

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